Relocation to Suffolk

The brief

A couple approached me looking for a period farmhouse in Suffolk with a budget of £850,000. They were retiring and relocating from Sussex and, with little knowledge of the area, wanted help in finding correctly priced and dog friendly surroundings.

  • Period farmhouse
    A property with character and a traditional feel.
  • Good amount of land
    To provide a safe area to exercise their dogs off-lead.
  • £850,000
    Ensuring that any property was accurately priced.
  • Rural location
    Providing picturesque views and countryside for walking in.
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How we did it

Together we devised a search area and screened new properties coming to market over a 5-month period, video-viewing more than 20 options. Via a contact we learned that the owner of a property already on the market at £1.1m was getting desperate to sell, and we secured it within budget. We've secured more than 30 rural houses in this price range for clients over the last decade.