Family Home in Cambridge

The brief

My clients were looking for a family home in central Cambridge with a budget of £5m. Knowing that these types of properties were very hard to come by, the client instructed us 4 years in advance of their intended moving date.

  • Large family home
    Giving a traditional, Cornish feel
  • City centre location
    In the heart of central Cambridge
  • Garden Space
    Providing a large area where the family can relax.
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How we did it

The top end of the Cambridge property market works unlike normal markets, with few properties being openly advertised on-line. To secure one of the rare large family properties here, you are entirely reliant on having the right contacts, and a little bit of luck. Knowing this our client instructed us some 4 years before his family would need to occupy the house pending a return from the Far East. Within a few months we learned of an extended period property in an acre of gardens on a private road close to the river. We viewed the property twice, sending nearly two hours of video footage. After some careful and delicate negotiations, and as the only party to have viewed the property, we secured it off-market below budget and then sourced a suitable tenant. The client first saw the property in person some 4 months after completing on the purchase.