From Sussex to Suffolk

The brief

A couple approached County Homesearch looking for a period farmhouse in Suffolk with a budget of £850,000. They were retiring and relocating from Sussex and, with little knowledge of the area, wanted help in finding correctly priced and dog-friendly surroundings.

  • Period farmhouse
    A property with character and a traditional feel.
  • Good amount of land
    To provide a safe area to exercise their dogs off-lead.
  • £850,000
    Ensuring that any property was accurately priced.
  • Rural location
    Providing picturesque views and countryside for walking in.
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How County Homesearch helped:

The client came to our services searching for their perfect property – so County Homesearch got to work! Together with our property agents, we devised a search area and screened new properties coming to market over a 5-month period, video-viewing more than 20 options. Via a contact we learned that the owner of a property already on the market at £1.1m was getting desperate to sell, and we secured it within budget. We’ve secured more than 30 rural houses in this price range for clients over the last decade – so it was another win for the County Homesearch team!

The Happy Ending:

Our property experts were able to secure the perfect property for our clients, within their budget and in the perfect location for the pair. The clients were happy customers!


How County Homesearch added value:


  • County Homesearch used our connections to ensure we’d explored every viable property in budget and in the right location
  • Working closely with our clients, we were able to find a property which matched their requirements in no time at all
  • Using technology like video-viewing helped us to provide a virtual viewing for clients who were unable to be there in person – another agile move from the County Homesearch team!