Retiring to the Country – Cheshire

The brief

Mrs P and her late husband had always planned to move from Merseyside and retire to a village in the Cheshire countryside. Still keen to fulfil that dream several years after her husband passed away, Mrs P enlisted my help to find a detached cottage in a quiet village location where she could pursue her love of gardening and get involved in village life. She also wanted a secure garage for her treasured MG convertible sports car.

  • Detached or semi-detached cottage
    Ideally detached but willing to compromise to meet other criteria.
  • Quiet village lifestyle
    Providing a peaceful and friendly environment to live in.
  • Garden space
    Allowing the client the space to enjoy her love of gardening.
  • Neighbourhood activities
    Giving opportunities to get involved with the local community.
  • Secure garage
    To look after the clients' beloved car.
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How we did it

As the purchase of the new house was dependent on the sale of her current home, we knew that we would have to act quickly once she had received an acceptable offer. So, in the meantime we spent time visiting different locations together and viewing sample properties to focus the search area and to refine her priorities for the property. As a key criteria was staying within a 45 minute drive of her elderly mother in Liverpool in case of emergencies, we agreed to focus on the villages around the M56 corridor from South Wirral, East Chester to Northwich. The time spent researching locations together was well spent as it clearly demonstrated that Mrs P was unlikely to find a detached property of a high enough standard within her budget. As a result she decided that, for the right property, she was willing to compromise on it not being detached.

Her chosen property was a 3 bedroomed semi-detached cottage in the village of Ashton Hayes. The kitchen and bathrooms required some modernisation so I was able to introduce her to a trusted local contractor to carry out the work immediately after completing on the sale.