Moving to Cambridge in 2022

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If you’re thinking of moving to Cambridge and want more information about the best property hotspots and what to expect from house prices in the area, this comprehensive Cambridge Area Guide gives you everything you need to know.

Download the Cambridge Area Guide here >> 

Like the rest of the UK, Cambridge has seen a distinct lack of supply over the last 12 months, with plenty of buyers flocking to view and offer on properties and forcing prices to rise even further. Over the last 12 months, house prices have increased by 8% and by 10% in the last five years.

The lack of supply on the market hasn’t been the only reason that’s forced prices up in Cambridge. The pandemic created something of an exodus from London, making Cambridge one of the top commuter cities for those working in the capital, and the growing Sci-tech presence in the city is attracting more families who want to enjoy a good quality of life and lots of green space, yet still be in close proximity to their workplace.

Cambridge is known, not just for its top universities, but also great schools. The Perse School, Abbey College, Chesterton Community College, St Bedes, Comberton Village College all have excellent reputations.

Hiring a Property Finder in Cambridge

Hiring a Property Finder will help alleviate the pressure in the property buying process, ensuring the property buying experience is as smooth as possible.

If you need help finding a property in Cambridge, contact our Property Finder, Kerry Arnold on 01954 583463.

Having lived and worked in Cambridge for all her life, Kerry has a great knowledge of Cambridge and the surrounding areas.