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Property in St Mawes

St Mawes lies within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty being dominated by St. Mawes Castle built by Henry V111 to protect against invaders from France and Spain.

It lies on the east bank of the Carrick Roads in a sheltered bay being part of what is claimed as the third largest natural harbour in the world.

With the beautifully restored Transanton Hotel by Olga Polizzi’s being perhaps the best example of St. Mawes coastal chic…

It was once a busy fishing port, but trade declined during the 20th century and although there is still a small fishing fleet because of it’s location and charming Regency architecture tourism is now the main occupation.

Although a distance from the rest of Cornwall a year round pedestrian ferry operates between Falmouth and by taking the King Harry Ferry motorists can avoid a thirty mile detour via Truro.

With one of the finest outlooks in the UK (with prices to match) St. Mawes is a wonderful place to visit but an even better place to live because of the strong community spirit. Nevertheless, property in St Mawes is often purchased as a retirement or second home but anyone with a love of the sea will have no difficulty in becoming part of this very special village.

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