Property in Saffron Walden

Essex’s secret other side! Far from the built-up modern party towns of Basildon and Brentwood, north and west Essex offer peaceful walking and cycling in beautiful rolling English countryside, and gorgeous ancient villages like Finchingfield, Wethersfield and Thaxted. But in terms of larger settlements, Saffron Walden has no peers in the county and is much closer to Cambridge both geographically and in terms of its feel.

Why choose Saffron Walden?

Increasingly popular amongst those looking for a friendlier, community-led and more relaxed alternative to Cambridge, Saffron Walden is particularly well suited to bringing up a young family. Its gold-plated state and private schooling are complemented by a good population of ex-Londoners which ensure few would feel out of place here. The market square is especially beautiful and the twice-weekly market puts Cambridge’s 7-day market to shame, whilst The Common is a lovely open green space adjacent to the centre, a popular family meeting place for a summer picnic. Rush hour traffic means nothing worse than a 10-minute delay here and there.

The town’s obvious drawback is connectivity to London. The town doesn’t have its own station, though the large car park at Audley End Station 2 miles away makes a car/train commute very feasible – provided you don’t mind pedestrian 1 hour trip to Liverpool St. The camaraderie of the regular rail travellers and light traffic leaving Saffron Walden makes this a pleasant commute, though.  Property in Saffron Walden can be tricky to find with the market being limited, competitive (though not to Cambridge levels) and on the up: a deceptively challenging environment.  Our buying agent in Saffron Walden will take on board all of your requirements and use their knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect property.

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