Family House Buyers

Searching for a home, when you have a family is not easy. Just the sheer size of the task, from finding the right house to suit everyone, in the perfect area with all the amenities you need, to ensuring that you have the best school for your children, can have you feeling exhausted and tense before you even start.

Our professional and friendly property finders are specialists in their local areas, with decades of experience in the family property market. And you’ll get as much or as little support as you need to find the home you really want without all the stress.

Our expert home finders know the local area intimately, and can also help you to find the best school for your children.

To speak to us further about how we can help you find your ideal home, please visit our contact page.

To speak to us further about what we can do for you, please visit our contact page.

We can also help with

Familiarisation visits to allow you to decide which area works best for your family in terms of education, amenities, commutes and your preferred style of house.

Finding temporary rental accommodation while you get to know an area better or ensure you are in the correct catchment area for your chosen school.

Choosing schools, arranging school visits and advising on the admissions process.

Sourcing domestic help, local tradespeople and setting up utilities.

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Case Studies

Mr and Mrs W were looking to relocate to South Oxfordshire with their young family due to work. They were seeking a property in a village location with access to good state primary school in South Oxfordshire. Their budget was £400k.